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I tend to draw what I feel like . . . landscapes, creepy pictures, abstract, animals, and sometimes fanart. All of my work is traditional, and I tend to use Prismacolor or ink (or both).

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My faves are really random . . . I'll fave pretty much anything I like. I like a LOT of different kinds of art, although I usually am drawn (bad pun XD) to traditional work.


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For the first time, I wrote the description of my work before I even started it (with minor edits).

Death is an inevitability we all face. Most of us think it's not going to happen until our life expectancy, and some of us like to believe that we will live forever. Some of us are afraid of it. I have a friend who is terrified by the concept of death every single day.

I am not afraid of death. I am all right with the fact that eventually, I will leave this earth. The only thing about death that scares me is the concept of non-existence. I like to think. I like to dream. Some days, that is all I like to do. I can't imagine losing this ability. When I picture dying, I picture darkness... never-ending darkness. But truthfully, if we didn't exist, we wouldn't even see darkness. We wouldn't see anything. We wouldn't think, smell, touch, hear, or feel anything. That is nearly impossible to comprehend. The mind just can't take it. What does non-existence feel like? It feels like nothing... because it is nothing.

I think this might be at least part of the reason why so many people believe in the afterlife. Heaven/hell, ghosts, reincarnation, etc. And really... who's to say these concepts don't hold some truth to them? We don't know. In a way, an afterlife is easier to comprehend than non-existence. I think the vast majority of us don't want to think about not existing. The thought that we're just... gone... makes life seem sort of pointless. Yet that's what I believe: that we're just gone. I like the idea of leaving behind energy, an essence... but even then, I don't think we'll be conscious of it.

I had this idea almost two years ago and couldn't figure out how to portray the concept. It came to me all the sudden... it's kind of the opposite of the light at the end of the tunnel. It took an outrageously long time to do all that gradient. It's literally just a bunch of dots. It was actually a very therapeutic piece to do.
I wanted to do another anti-war image. I wanted to make it fairly simple; black and white. I looked up Syria on Google images for a depiction of a war-torn country.

I'm scared for the future. I'm scared for the present.

The distorted peace sign was a last minute add in. It might be too obvious and a little too hippie, but without it I'm not sure the message comes across.

This is also in part a personal piece. I'm constantly in conflict with myself and want to find inner peace. Not elaborating on this.

No, this isn't a direct message to Syria.
Fox and the Hound
So instead of Hetalia...I decide on a Pokémon and Disney crossover XD.

I've been wanting to draw some Alolan Pokémon, but just haven't been inspired. Then I got this idea and just had to do it. Behold, my two favorite Alolan Pokémon (Rockruff definitely replaced Tyrunt as my favorite Rock type)!

This was so fun. I feel like the bg is kind of lackluster with the exception of the log, but I'm happy with it otherwise. Rockruff took forever to get right, but Vulpix was really easy to draw. Idk why.

Now I want to watch The Fox and the Hound again...even though it makes me cry ;.;

Anyway, enjoy!

Pokémon: Nintendo: Satoshi Tajiri
The Fox and the Hound: Disney
Drawing: me
Ok so...the DA app is my main way of submitting work. I don't have my own computer anymore and even if I did, our scanner sucks.

So...I take pics with my phone and edit them to be as close to RL as possible. Not the best quality, but better than washed out colors.

But the problem is, the DA app messes up half the time. It works at submitting deviations first try about...40% of the time. The rest of the time, I have to: try multiple times, force stop the app (this has worked well for me the last few times), log off then uninstall and reinstall...So annoying. I'm not sure if it's the app, my phone, or both. Maybe it's my internet connection? Idk man.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 25-year-old Inventory Associate who is still obsessed with Pokemon and Hetalia and draws mostly to keep her sanity. One day I do want to be at professional level.

Quick facts:

Germ phobic, tomboyish, awkward, pessimistic, and somewhat shy
Likes: FOOD, Netflix, hiking, nighttime, reading, drawing, horror, daydreaming
Dislikes: dressing up, crowds, slow-ass computers, shopping, hot weather, millipedes, very early shifts



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