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Lost Souls :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 4 0
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I tend to draw what I feel like . . . landscapes, creepy pictures, abstract, animals, and sometimes fanart. All of my work is traditional, and I tend to use Prismacolor or ink (or both).

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I only do traditional work, and the materials I have access to are: graphite, pen and ink, and Prismacolor pencils. I specialize in landscapes, but I can do portraits as well. My prices vary based on level of detail (and thus time spent).

8 x 10: $30-45
9 x 12: $35-60
11x 14: $40-80

No fanart or NSFW please.
I work with pen and ink, graphite, or Prismacolor pencils. My style ranges from realistic to surreal or psychedelic. I specialize in landscapes, but I can do portraits as well. I work fairly quickly and can be done within a week of seeing the description.

My prices vary based on level of detail (and thus time spent).

8 x 10: $30-45
9 x 12: $35-60
11x 14: $40-80

No fanart or NSFW please.

Examples of my work and what I'd charge:
Hohenzollern Night by magnifulouschicken -$60
Purple Hurricane by magnifulouschicken -$40
Alexz Johnson by magnifulouschicken -$30

(These are not for sale. They are just examples.)
Green Tornado
This one turned out more psychedelic than "Purple Hurricane." I honestly had a blast drawing this.

There are: five tornadoes, mammatus clouds, lightning, breaks in the sky, a cave (Idk why...), and houses being torn apart. I'm trying to use colors that are slightly odd (but not too odd... still somewhat believable) for the setting. It's a fun experiment.

Also, I put this under Landscapes & Scenery instead of Psychedelic even though it's a bit of both.

Next up... volcano!
This is a late birthday present for my oldest friend. She's a lifetime Scooby Doo fan.

Drawing this gave me so much nostalgia it's crazy. I was into the franchise when I was about 8-10ish years old. My cousin was a huge fan as well. I mostly watched the movies (Zombie Island, Witch's Ghost, and Alien Invaders). I regrettably forced myself to get out of it because my sister made fun of me for it. But now I'm wanting to re watch all the movies. I think they're fun and decent for what they are.

So yeah. That's basically my thought process behind this... nostalgia XD. I loved drawing this and I think she'll love it too (I usually draw Pokémon for her... I think this will be a surprise).

Scooby-Doo: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera; Warner Bros.

Drawing: me!
Purple Hurricane
Several years back, I started this "Amazing Nature" series ( magnifulouschicken.deviantart.… ). Looking at it... blah. So dull despite the subject matter. No wonder I didn't finish the other two drawings.

So I decided to revisit the series, this time incorporating my own style into it. I originally thought of just a tsunami, but somehow that seemed to be not enough for a composition. I'm okay with how it turned out... I'm struggling with the next piece (a tornado), so I might be hitting a block.

Enjoy! There are three more in this series.
I only do traditional work, and the materials I have access to are: graphite, pen and ink, and Prismacolor pencils. I specialize in landscapes, but I can do portraits as well. My prices vary based on level of detail (and thus time spent).

8 x 10: $30-45
9 x 12: $35-60
11x 14: $40-80

No fanart or NSFW please.


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 25-year-old Inventory Associate who is still obsessed with Pokemon and Hetalia and draws mostly to keep her sanity. One day I do want to be at professional level.

Quick facts:

Germ phobic, tomboyish, awkward, pessimistic, and somewhat shy
Likes: FOOD, Netflix, hiking, nighttime, reading, drawing, horror, daydreaming
Dislikes: dressing up, crowds, slow-ass computers, shopping, hot weather, millipedes, very early shifts



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You're welcome!
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(I banned myself from the Troll nest called "Religion Forum", but I wanna correct you a bit.)
Judaism HAS the concept of after-life, actually it has TWO of those - one "now" for souls-without-bodies-after-death, and one "soon" for souls-in-live-bodies-after-resurrection-of-the-dead.
It's just that the EMPHASIS, like you correctly said, is on "how to LIVE NOW", as opposed to the Christian (and probably Muslim) "how to DIE correctly and get to Paradise".
Judaism simply emphasizes LIFE over DEATH, not that it doesn't give you a lot of info on BOTH.
It's how we LIVE HERE what matters, not what REWARDS we would get AFTERWARDS.
Judaism is all about NOW and HERE, not about THEN and SOMEWHERE.
Which is also why it's so "commandment-heavy", as opposed to Christianity's and Islam's "belief over action".
In Judaism is the opposite - "action over belief".
A Jew can *claim* "being an atheist" - and still, Judaism demands of them to ACT correctly, even if they "profess" incorrectly.
Judaism isn't about WORDS ("I believe", but that's all that I care) - it's about ACTIONS (actually DOING what is needed, even if you personally have DOUBTS at the moment).
There's a very REAL known example of this:
Let's compare two Jews in a Soviet labor camp (but separated one from another).
One of them is a very pious Rabbi, another is an "atheist".
It's Passover, and there's an OBLIGATION to EAT Matzah.
The first Jew, the Rabbi, is very learned.
He knows all the supernal results and spiritual effects that *eating Matzah* has.
He sits and contemplates this for hours.
Yet he can't EAT Matzah, cause he doesn't HAVE one - he's in prison in Siberia.
Just a few miles away, in another prison, the "atheist" Jew has a religious Jew for room-mate.
The guy HAS Matzah and obviously wants to SHARE it.
Yet the "atheist" declines.
What happens?
A NON-Jew sees this and for some UNKNOWN "mysterious" reasons decides to FORCE the "atheist" Jew to EAT the Matzah.
Which he DOES.
Which of the two had FULFILLED the COMMANDMENT to "eat Matzah"?
The one who KNOWS and CONTEMPLATES on the SPIRITUAL side of it - but was UNABLE to eat it unfortunately?
The one who DECLINES eating it even simply PHYSICALLY - but was FORCED to eat it nonetheless?
The Judaism-true answer is:
*Eating* is the COMMANDMENT.
*Contemplating and believing* is just a "spice" on top of the ACTUAL *eating*.
That's what makes Judaism DIFFERENT from both of its "belief-crazy" and "Paradise-hungry" offshoots.
Thanks for reading. :p
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Thank you for the info. I don't visit that forum often either. There are always trolls...
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ALL my watchers really motivate and inspire me to keep on going!!!!
Thank you so much for the encouragement! Although you may not be encouraging me directly, this watch means more to me than you'd ever think!!! :iconbunnyloveplz:
I hope you are having a great day, and I wish you even more joy & blessings in your future!!! :icongrin--plz: GOD BLESS~!!!^^
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You're very welcome! :) I hope your day is going well!
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You have some great work in your gallery.
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You're welcome! And thank you!
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