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Rainbow Tree by magnifulouschicken Rainbow Tree :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 5 0 The Land Before Pokemon by magnifulouschicken The Land Before Pokemon :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 8 2 Bleeding Heart by magnifulouschicken Bleeding Heart :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 9 0 Psychedelic Meadow by magnifulouschicken Psychedelic Meadow :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 6 0 Yellowstone by magnifulouschicken Yellowstone :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 8 0 Mesozoic Planet by magnifulouschicken Mesozoic Planet :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 4 0 Primary Asteroid Collision by magnifulouschicken Primary Asteroid Collision :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 5 0 Wishes by magnifulouschicken Wishes :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Awkward Encounter by magnifulouschicken Awkward Encounter :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Around the World by magnifulouschicken Around the World :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 19 5 Vermilion Volcano by magnifulouschicken Vermilion Volcano :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 5 0 Green Tornado by magnifulouschicken Green Tornado :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 4 0 Scooby-Dooby-Doo by magnifulouschicken Scooby-Dooby-Doo :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 8 0 Purple Hurricane by magnifulouschicken Purple Hurricane :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 5 2 Eclipse Gathering by magnifulouschicken Eclipse Gathering :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Lost Souls by magnifulouschicken
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Lost Souls :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 5 0
I tend to draw what I feel like . . . landscapes, creepy pictures, abstract, animals, and sometimes fanart. All of my work is traditional, and I tend to use Prismacolor or ink (or both).

Random Favourites

stained ice by nadare17 stained ice :iconnadare17:nadare17 6 9 Serenity by A-N-A-S-T-A-S-I-A Serenity :icona-n-a-s-t-a-s-i-a:A-N-A-S-T-A-S-I-A 13 24 Soap by Logicalx Soap :iconlogicalx:Logicalx 10 21 :Little Creepy Girl: by Asher-Bee :Little Creepy Girl: :iconasher-bee:Asher-Bee 865 253 :Forever Princess: by Asher-Bee :Forever Princess: :iconasher-bee:Asher-Bee 130 112 Cascade by NicamShilova Cascade :iconnicamshilova:NicamShilova 9 4 Under the Sea by Holly6669666 Under the Sea :iconholly6669666:Holly6669666 121 78 Wolf by Holly6669666 Wolf :iconholly6669666:Holly6669666 48 46 Cutter Farm by thescreamingid Cutter Farm :iconthescreamingid:thescreamingid 36 29 the woods by thescreamingid the woods :iconthescreamingid:thescreamingid 276 77
My faves are really random . . . I'll fave pretty much anything I like. I like a LOT of different kinds of art, although I usually am drawn (bad pun XD) to traditional work.


I have several pieces in progress right now. I'm wanting to find a better way to display my art online other than smartphone pics, and a good friend of mine has a good camera. I'll probably post my finished works next Tuesday/ Wednesday along with a few updated of my old work.
Rainbow Tree
I sketched a photo of a tree I'd taken over a year ago, then filled it in with psychedelic content.

That's... honestly it. I'm in my second psychedelic phase. Enjoy?
The Land Before Pokemon
(Working title. I couldn't think of anything clever XD).

Edit: Wtf, for some reason it uploaded with an incorrect spelling. I think DA titles just don't understand accented characters. Kind of embarrassing XD.

I love all the Grass-type starters. In 5 out of 7 regions, the Grass type is my favourite (my favourite Hoenn starter is Mudkip and I haven't used all the Alola starters yet).

I like the fan theory about the "themes" for the starters, and the Grass= dinosaur one is fun to think about, even if it's a bit of a stretch. Honestly, a big part of this was revisiting my childhood (Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time ftw). After doing (a lot of) research, I found that all the species but Chespin could have existed in the Mesozoic era (finding out how long owls have been around was the biggest surprise of this project). Even Chespin could be based off the first mammals, if the theory is stretched to state that the Grass starters are based on ancient animals.

I decided to draw the unevolved forms as they are in canon, and draw the evolved forms with aspects of the dinosaur they're based off of (there are only four final forms because the last three evolution lines weren't based off dinosaurs). I have a head canon that they evolved to be of a smaller size, since that actually happens to a lot of irl species.

Quick notes (these are very general):

Bulbasaur line: Dicynodont. Permian to Cretaceous period (268-150 mya). Herbivore, from size of a rat to the size of a horse.

Treecko line: Dilophosaurus, early Jurassic period (200-190 mya). Carnivore, 20 ft long.

Chikorita line: Apatosaurus, Jurassic period (157- 146 mya). Herbivore, massive (70 ft long).

Snivy line: Snake fossils date back to Jurassic period (143-167 mya).… <- Snakes could have possibly had short limbs.

Turtwig line: Ankylosaurus, Cretaceous period (74-65 mya). Herbivore, massive (up to 33 ft long).

Chespin line: It's a stretch, but is more mammalian than the first five starters. Likely represents first mammals.…

Rowlet line: owls have been around since 70-80 mya.

That's about it. Enjoy! :3

Pokémon- Nintendo, Satoshi Tajiri
I got most of my info from this site-… If you're interested in paleontology, it's a fun site.
Drawing- me
Bleeding Heart
I know this is super cliche... but I'm kind of in a meh phase and trying to work through it XD.

I actually really love roses, even though they're girly and cliche. They're one of the most interesting common flowers to draw because of all the detail. They're pretty in every color. The photo I used (which I took at the Rose Garden in Portland) actually had bright pink roses, but I went with dark red.

Yes, there is blood dripping. It represents how love hurts and all that.

Yeah... enjoy.
Psychedelic Meadow
Just experimenting with a different approach... Idk if I like it. I'm in yet another art slump and am taking it a little slower with art this week, taking more time to read and gain inspiration (I'm still forcing myself to draw a little every day, though). Let's just say it's part of an alien world.
I only do traditional work, and the materials I have access to are: graphite, pen and ink, and Prismacolor pencils. I specialize in landscapes, but I can do portraits as well. My prices vary based on level of detail (and thus time spent).

8 x 10: $30-45
9 x 12: $35-60
11x 14: $40-80

No fanart or NSFW please.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 27-year-old Inventory Associate who is still obsessed with Pokemon and Hetalia and draws mostly to keep her sanity. One day I do want to be at professional level.

Quick facts:

Germ phobic, tomboyish, awkward, pessimistic, and somewhat shy
Likes: FOOD, Netflix, hiking, nighttime, reading, drawing, horror, daydreaming
Dislikes: dressing up, crowds, slow-ass computers, shopping, hot weather, millipedes, very early shifts



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