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Spring Butterfly by magnifulouschicken Spring Butterfly :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 2 0 In Loving Memory by magnifulouschicken In Loving Memory :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 1 0 Shiny Rayquaza by magnifulouschicken Shiny Rayquaza :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Blood Tsunami by magnifulouschicken Blood Tsunami :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 4 0 Four Countries- Asia by magnifulouschicken Four Countries- Asia :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 6 0 Castle Clouds by magnifulouschicken Castle Clouds :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Water Bird by magnifulouschicken Water Bird :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 1 Bottomless Pit by magnifulouschicken Bottomless Pit :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Baby Dragons by magnifulouschicken Baby Dragons :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 2 1 Four Countries- Europe by magnifulouschicken Four Countries- Europe :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 10 0 Tsunami Quilt by magnifulouschicken Tsunami Quilt :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Yoshi! by magnifulouschicken Yoshi! :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 15 0 Space Spirals by magnifulouschicken Space Spirals :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 5 0 4 Animals by magnifulouschicken 4 Animals :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 4 0 Drought by magnifulouschicken Drought :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 3 0 Ice by magnifulouschicken Ice :iconmagnifulouschicken:magnifulouschicken 5 0
I tend to draw what I feel like . . . landscapes, creepy pictures, abstract, animals, and sometimes fanart. All of my work is traditional, and I tend to use Prismacolor or ink (or both).

Random Favourites

My faves are really random . . . I'll fave pretty much anything I like. I like a LOT of different kinds of art, although I usually am drawn (bad pun XD) to traditional work.


Spring Butterfly
May or may not have accidentally started a series. This is Spring... yeah, seasons again.

This was a lot of fun... might be getting out of my artist's block. Enjoy!
In Loving Memory
Actually a commission for a choose friend of mine. Her mother passed away about a month ago, and this is a drawing for the funeral. She gave me permission to post it.

Not open for commissions btw, this was a special circumstance.

I did something a little different for this one and used graphite.
Yesterday I realized that I'm probably 1/3 of the way through my life. That's really scary. I don't have much time left at all, and I am nowhere where I need or want to be.
Blood Tsunami
I've had this image in my head for years, but have always struggled with drawing waves, and finally just decided to do it.

I wanted to put a giant centipede as well, but couldn't think of a way to do it. I'm not sure if it's totally obvious or kinda hidden. Let me know.

There are a few references to Japanese works, a couple of them horror-based (although one of them being horror I'd just my opinion). The city is... meh, but it's not the most important part.

I put this under macabre and horror, but I don't think it's that scary. Just kinda unsettling perhaps.

Works referenced:
The Great Wave off Kanagawa- Katsushika Hokusai
Uzumaki- Junji Ito
My Lord Bag of Rice (unsure who the author was)
I haven't done a personal journal in a very long time. Tbh, I don't like how they're considered deviations now.

Anyway... I'm at a weird place. I'm not sure I can do art professionally. If I was somehow paid to draw things I want for a set amount of time (and it wasn't commission-based), I could do it. But I'm just... I can draw. I know I have that skill. Everything else? Selling, photography, framing, shipping (oh god I HATE working out shipping and packaging the drawing/print. Idk why), all the more sales-oriented stuff, marketing, talking to people... ugh. I dread it. Makes me sick to my stomach. Thing is, though, I have no idea how I'm going to make ends meet in the future. I should not have gone to school for art. That was a mistake. Yes, I learned a LOT and apply what I learned every time I draw, but financially... It was a mistake. A mistake I cannot take back, ever.

I'm 28 years old. I'm not married (don't even have a girlfriend and have never had one), have no idea what my career is going to be (and have never held a full-time job. I plan on trying to get full-time status at my current job after I've been there for awhile), kinda want to move out of the States but have no plan in mind, don't want to work retail forever... ugh. I feel like my time is running out. Everyone else is working so hard, hustling, making huge moves, and I... I am just here trying to figure things out. I've been left behind. I'm old. I don't want to go back to school, either. Not only will it be extremely expensive, but I am not the kind of person that can balance school and work (I couldn't even balance school and job-hunting).

I know this is whiny... but it's been on my mind for awhile, and as trivial as it may sound, it terrifies me. Completely. To the point where I can't get anything done at all.

I might take a step back from my art... AGAIN. That's another thing. I take way too many breaks from my art. Sometimes I wonder if I really enjoy it at all. I know I'll always make it a part of my life, though.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 27-year-old Inventory Associate who is still obsessed with Pokemon and Hetalia and draws mostly to keep her sanity. One day I do want to be at professional level.

Quick facts:

Germ phobic, tomboyish, awkward, pessimistic, and somewhat shy
Likes: FOOD, Netflix, hiking, nighttime, reading, drawing, horror, daydreaming
Dislikes: dressing up, crowds, slow-ass computers, shopping, hot weather, millipedes, very early shifts



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